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shan-zha-pian-山楂片- Custom Amount 1lb-福恒Fuheng

GOU QI ZI - 枸杞子 - Wolfberry Fruit - Custom Amount

GUA-LOU-REN-瓜蒌仁 - 100g-福恒Fuheng

YE JIAO TENG - 夜交藤 - Flowery knotwood Stem - Custom Amount 1lb

Finally something that works!!!!

I had to put a review because I have been having a lot of itchiness around my inner thigh and genital area along with loose stool. Having studied western medicine and learned a little bit about Chinese medicine, I already knew that I had excessive dampness in my body. After going to a Chinese doctor trying their recommended decoction, my itchiness calmed down a bit but would return real quick the moment I stopped taking the Chinese medicine. I figured whatever I was taking wasn’t helping until I did some Google search and found Shen Ling Bai Zhu San being one of the top prescribed medicine in Taiwan. There are clinical trials that had a lot of success in people with constant loose stool in which I also had. So I decided to buy a bottle to try. To my surprise, the first 3 days my itchiness completely stopped. My lichenificated skin started to calm down and return to normal skin. My loose stool also improved with my itchiness. I haven’t felt this great ever since I started getting itchy. It affected my sleep and the skin was painful to the touch. I can truly say this is a miracle medication. Even when I use steroid creams my itchiness would not stop. I highly recommend this medication if you experience loose stool, itchiness, severe dampness with weak digestion.

Good product and service

Efficiently processed orders and well-packaged products.


Very goid

Excellent for kidney jing deficiency

Been taking this off and on since 1991. Always improves my health overall as well as specific troubles such as weak kidneys, trouble with low grade fevers, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue and other kidney yin and jing deficiency issues.


I followed the instructions for using the formula and, additionally, began Qi Gong nourish Metal exercise practice. I am experiencing relief and believe this to be a useful path for me.

Great quality Laquat Leaf

Loquat leaf Pi Pa Ye is a fantastic medicine to relieve coughs, asthma, bronchitis and Loquat leaves can be used to make herbal tea, which can help with sore throats, sinus issues, and boost the immune system. This herb has so many wonderful healing properties it is a must have. This is great quality loquat leaf from a wonderful company with fast shipping.

Wonderful quality Mu Hu Die

Mu Hu Die or Oroxylum seed is great to moisten the lungs and clears and the voice, cough, sore throat and hoarseness. This is an excellent herb to have in your medicine cabinet. What a great company with excellent customer service and fast shipping with wonderful quality herb Mu Hu Die. I highly recommend.

Very nice quality E Bu Shi Cao

Small centipede herb E Bu Shi Cao is a very nice quality herb used for allergic rhinitis, joint pain, Liver health and Intestinal inflammation. This is very nice quality e bu shi cao from a great company wit fast shipping.

HAN FANG JI - 汉防己 - Custom Amount 1lb
Great quality stephania root

Stephania root Han Fang Ji is a good herb for rheumatism, arthritis and including treatment for asthma, dysentery, hyperglycemia, fever, and inflammation. This is great quality stephania root with fast shipping from a wonderful company. I would definitely recommend.

Great quality ji Dan Hua

This is great quality mexican frangipani flower Ji Dan Hua fast shipping excellent company.

Excellent quality Eucommia bark

Eucommia bark Du Zhong is an great herb to have in your medicine cabinet. Eucommia bark is often used for Energy , Fatigue, Hypertension, Rheumatoid arthritis, Kidneys, Weak bones and much more. This is excellent quality Eucommia bark with fast shipping and great company. I would definitely recommend.

Great dried mulberry fruit

Dried mulberry fruit is a wonderful addition to sweet dishes and herbal teas with a dark rich color and subtle taste as well as the many healthy benefits. Great quality dried mulberry fruit fast shipping excellent company. I highly recommend.

I love this cinnamon bark

Cinnamon bark Rou Gui is so wonderful with so many amazing uses. Cinnamon bark can be used in cooking sweet dishes or alone as a tea or mixed with other herbs to assist with the taste and flavor. I love this Cinnamon bark the quality is great with fast shipping and a excellent customer service and support. I would highly recommend.

Excellent Sacred lotus seed

Sacred lotus seed Lian Zi is great in sweet and savory dishes and has many medicinal uses. This is excellent quality lotus seed great company and fast shipping. I would definitely recommend.

Great Dried sea coconut

This is great quality dried sea coconut fast shipping and an excellent company with wonderful customer service. I would highly recommend.


Good service, and fast shipping.

Excellent quality Gua Lou Pi

Trichosanthes peel "Gua Lou Pi" is used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and can improve blood circulation. Gua Lou Pi works on clearing the lungs of phlegm and relieving dry cough. This Gua Lou Pi Is an excellent quality herb. Fu Heng Herbs have great quality products exceptional customer service and quick shipping.

Great quality Ophiopogon Tuber

Ophiopogon tuber "Mai Dong" works on constipation it is used as a sedative for anxiety and insomnia. Mai Dong is an expectorant and can help with a Dry Cough. This Ophiopogon tuber is a great quality herb. Fu Heng Herbs has excellent quality products and fast shipping.

Excellent quality Balloon flower root

Balloon flower root "Jie Geng is one of my must have herbs. Jie Geng works well on inflammation it can lower blood sugar. Balloon flower root is great for cough and excess phlegm. Thank you Fu Heng herbs for excellent quality products , expert knowledge and out standing customer service and fast shipping.