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What is HairRich suitable for?

HairRich is designed for people dealing with hair loss, alopecia areata, seborrheic alopecia, ghost shaving, receding hairline, postpartum alopecia, and gray hair caused by excessive stress and mental stress.

How does HairRich work?

HairRich can quickly supplement the trace elements needed for hair growth: zinc and selenium, accelerate the synthesis of hair collagen, thereby activating the hair follicles and growing new hair. The hair growth cycle is 90 days. Within three months, you can see the new hair that grows.

Why do people lose their hair?

Some factors that result hair loss are heredity, hormonal, stress, hair dyes, pollution, and mineral deficiencies in the body. The trace minerals zinc and selenium are needed for hair growth. HairRich can supplement these two trace minerals, repair hair follicles, strengthen hair roots, activate hair follicle cells, and grow new hair.

How do I use HairRich?

One scoop twice a day, about 18 grams once in the morning and evening, before or after meals with a glass of about 300-400ml of water. You can also use milk, soy milk, juice, coffee, porridge.

What are the ingredients of HairRich?

The ingredients of HairRich Hair Growth are organic and 100% natural. They are all-natural plant based ingredients and herbs. It does not contain any chemical ingredients or additives and has no side effects on the human body.

What should I do if it doesn't work?

  • You should use HairRich for 24 weeks uninterrupted.

  • If this product has no effect, You can apply for a refund based on your 24-week record by sending your full usage record to

  • The guarantee info is included in the box.