Member Policy and Cashback rules

  1. Register  Please follow the steps in Memberbook or though invitation link / QR code to register your own account. Each member should be responsible for your own account only. We do technically assist with any problems and questions via Email but we do not recommend member to deal with others' account. We will not responsible for any loss or mistaken outcome without any notification. 
  2. Verified your account  Once you have registered your account, you should be able to receive an Email for verifying your email address. Simply click the Verified button or forward that Email to Technical support if your button link could not work. Please be aware that if you don't verify your email address, you won't be qualified for redemption of any cashback or bonus. 
  3. Making purchase and activation  Follow the steps in Memberbook to start purchasing on our online store. First purchase for every member will receive $10 bonus as reward and automatically activate your account. No restriction applied. 
  4. Inviting  Invite your friends and your family member can easily grow your network. You will gain cashback not only from your referrals, but also from  their referrals as well. Each new member you have successfully invited, a $10 reward of recruitment bonus you will receive. 
  5. Cashback  Cashback redemption can only go through Paypal due to the  safety issue. Minimum requirement is $100 with Qualified account check. You can also generate your own coupon code to make purchase on our store with no restriction applied. 
  6. Appointment  Appointment booking now has changed on our online store and can applied to your purchase in member program. See the link for more info.
  7. Instructions and Guidelines  All instructions and guidelines are viewable in Memberbook. Redemption Qualification check applies on every member. Only active account can be qualified. If you have inactive accounts in your network, no bonus will be calculated until they become active. For privacy and personal security purpose, all details will be recorded via Email. We won't ask for your bank account or any personal information. For any account without activation, no verified and no purchase, will receive a further notice of Account Deletion within 60 days. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions and concerns. 



Fuhengherbs reserves all the right to interpret our terms and policies.