Stomach Tea - 养胃汤


养胃抑酸 -Nourishing the stomach and suppressing acid

Supplement Facts/主要成份


甘松/Gan Song; 瓦楞子/Wa Leng Zi; 木香/Mu Xiang; 海螵蛸/Hai Piao Xiao; 砂仁/Sha Ren; 乳香/Ru Xiang;  青皮/Qing Pi; 陈皮/Chen Pi


A Please store in refrigerator. (Do not freeze) 请放入冰箱冷藏。(非冷冻)
B Shake well before drink. 饮用前摇匀。
C Serving size: 1 can. (1/3 to 1 can/time) 每天用量1罐,可分成1-3次。
D. Mix with boiled water if needed (1:1 ratio). 可与白开水1:1煮沸后饮用。