(Cough Tea - herbs tea (1 can @$9.99/can)


Supplement Facts


川贝母/ChuanBeiMu; 陈皮/ChenPi; 杏仁/XingRen; 半夏/Banxia; 桂枝/GuiZhi; 款冬花/KuanDongHua; 紫菀/ZiWan; 虫草/ChongCao


A Please store in refrigerator. (Do not freeze)

B Shake well before drink. 

C Serving size: 1 can. (1/3 to 1 can/time) 

D. Mix with boiled water if needed (1:1 ratio)

止咳汤简介/ Cough Tea Intro 如何加热中药/ How to take Herbs Tea

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