Customize Fuheng Herbs Tea

Customized tonics are personalized herbal formulas prescribed by a Chinese medicine practitioner based on an individual's constitution, condition and symptom profile. These tonics are customized to each patient's specific needs and condition and are designed to provide the most effective treatment and support.

TCM practitioners typically perform pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and detailed medical history collection to understand the patient's constitution, condition, symptoms and underlying causes. Based on this information, the herbalist will select the appropriate herbal ingredients to create a personalized soup prescription.

Therefore, customized tonics are not standardized products, but rather herbal formulas that are individually formulated for each patient. The specific ingredients and dosages of these tonics will vary from person to person to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Customized tonics are a very common treatment in Chinese medicine because they can be better tailored to meet an individual's therapeutic needs. However, the use of this type of tonic must be prescribed by an experienced TCM practitioner to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. This personalized approach to treatment aims to provide the best medical care for each patient.