Stroke Tea


Stroke Tea is a carefully formulated herbal blend intended to support overall well-being, particularly for individuals who may be at risk or have experienced a stroke. This unique tea combines traditional Chinese herbs known for their potential benefits in improving circulation and maintaining cardiovascular health.

Each cup of Stroke Tea is enriched with natural herbal ingredients traditionally believed to have properties that support healthy blood flow, reduce inflammation, and potentially enhance neurological health. The selected herbs offer a soothing and earthy flavor, making this tea a thoughtful choice for those looking to maintain or improve their circulatory and cardiovascular health.

Whether you're aiming to support your overall well-being, or you've experienced a stroke and want to complement your recovery with natural remedies, Stroke Tea can be a part of your wellness regimen. Please note that it's important to consult with a healthcare professional for stroke recovery and prevention. Sip a cup of Stroke Tea as a complement to your overall health and wellness routine.


Supplement Facts


Bombyx Batryticatus


Paeoniae Rubra

Persicae Semen

Citrus Aurantium

Angelica Dahurica

Poria Cocos

Honeysuckle Vine



1. Please store in the refrigerator.

2. Shake well before drinking.

3. Mild symptoms:

1/2 can in the morning, 1/2 can in the evening.

Severe symptoms:

1 can in the morning, 1 can in the evening.

For best results, it's advised to continue for 1 week. If it's working, you can proceed with the next week of treatment.

4. Mix with water (1:1), boil for 1 min or microwave for 4 mins, then enjoy when warm. Drink half an hour after a meal.

5. If you find the taste a bit bitter or sour, you can add sugar.


1. For symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin itching, abdominal pain, as detox effects, usually resolving in 1-2 weeks; call

877-800-8588 or your doctor if severe.

2. Bottom sediment of flocculent material is a normal phenomenon.

3. Contact us for bottle leaks or spoilage.

Please use by 1-1-2025.

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