FUHENG Throat Tea


FUHENG Throat Tea is a Chinese herbal tea commonly used to relieve symptoms of sore throat and throat discomfort. The recipe of this decoction combines a variety of Chinese herbs, which are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to clear away heat and detoxify, nourish yin and moisturize the throat, and relieve throat discomfort.

The ingredients of FUHENG Throat Tea usually include honey, fritillary, platycodon, skullcap, etc. These herbs have yin-nourishing, heat-clearing, throat-moistening, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve sore throat and throat discomfort.

FUHENG Throat Tea is often regarded as a decoction that helps relieve sore throats, especially for those suffering from throat symptoms such as sore throat, dry cough, etc. However, as with any herbal remedy, it is best to consult your doctor before use to ensure it is appropriate for your individual health condition. FUHENG Throat Tea are designed to provide support to help relieve throat discomfort so a person can get through symptoms more comfortably.

Main Ingredients

Tiankuizi, honeysuckle, Mountain bean root, Isatis root, Platycodon, Licorice, Diding, Gypsum


1. Please store in refrigerator.

2. Shake well before drinking.

3. Those with mild symptoms: Half a can in the morning and evening. Severe symptoms: 1 can in the morning and 1 can in the evening.
For best results, it is recommended to continue taking it for 1 week. If effective, treatment can be continued for the next week.

4. Mix with water (1:1), boil for 1 minute or microwave for 4 minutes, warm and drink. Drink half an hour after meals.

5. If you feel the taste is a bit bitter or sour, you can add sugar.


1. Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, itchy skin, and abdominal pain are caused by detoxification and usually resolve within 1-2 weeks; if symptoms are severe, please call 877-800-8588 or consult a doctor.

877-800-8588 or doctor.

2. It is normal for floc to deposit at the bottom.

3. Please contact us if the bottle leaks or deteriorates.

Please use before 1-1-2025.

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Click here to view the video tutorial

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