On September 5, 1993, in the classroom, a 15-year-old high school boy asked the teacher a question: What should I do if I have white hair? Teacher's answer: dye hair.


Following the teacher's advice, the boy went to the hair salon recommended by the teacher and dyed his hair for the first time.


Since then, hair coloring has become the boy's daily life. The frequency of hair coloring is from once every six months to once every three months, and then once a month. The cost of each hair coloring increases from ¥5 at the beginning to ¥250. Until November 5, 2004, the boy had his hair dyed for 11 years and 4 months.


Due to the toxicity of the hair dye, the hair follicle cells were destroyed, making the boy's white hair more and more like an old man.


Due to prolonged hair coloring, the boy developed symptoms of poisoning with heavy metals (Lead, Arsenic, Mercury), which led to large areas of hair loss, difficulty breathing, heart discomfort, itchy scalp, and wanted to die.


At this time, the boy's friend showed him a news report: Hair Dye is Easy to Cause Cancer!


To prevent cancer, the boy decided not to dye his hair and went to the barbershop to shave his hair.


The boy called his father for help, and the father gave him a prescription for the treatment of hair loss.


To treat hair loss, the boy had to insist on taking a bitter herbal formula every day.


Within a year, hair grew more and more, white hair change to black hair. Back to the youth. Until now, the boy's hair was black and shiny.


As early as 1905, the boy's family hospital used this formula to treat hair loss. Because herbal decoction has a bitter taste, it is not easy for young customers to accept it. The bitter taste problem hinders the promotion of products.


To help the hair loss crowd like him all over the world, this young man set up Hair Rich Lab on November 28, 2005,  and worked with his father to develop new technologies.


The Hair Rich team used biotechnology to improve the product formulation and process, remove the bitterness of the herbs, and make it into a powder for easy canning and transportation.


The new product has a very good taste and can be taken with any food and drink. Customers love this taste.


Hair Rich powder improves the absorption efficiency of the human body and enhances the effect of treating hair loss. Customers who take it continuously for 6 weeks will make their hair darker, longer, thicker, stronger ,and is shinier.


This is the story of the CEO of Hair Rich Inc: Dalong.