Xia Qing Su - 虾青素 - 胶囊 - Astaxanthin - 60 Pills


1. Astaxanthin can improve human immunity, especially for the recovery of patients after surgery.
2. Astaxanthin has super strong antioxidant capacity, which is 6000 times more effective than vitamin C.
3. Astaxanthin can delay skin aging, especially female facial skin.
4. Astaxanthin can activate human cells, reduce the production of free radicals, and can delay aging.
5. Astaxanthin can clear the body waste, especially the toxin waste of cells and tissue fluid, and reduce the occurrence of chronic diseases.
6. Astaxanthin can quickly clear the inflammatory substances in the joints. It is effective for rheumatoid arthritis, especially for the deformation of the palm and knuckles.

Take 3 pills twice a day, five days a week (Monday-Friday.

1. 虾青素能提高人体免疫力,尤其对于术后患者的康复。

2. 虾青素具有超强的抗氧化能力,是维生素C(抗氧化剂)的6000倍。

3. 虾青素能够延缓皮肤的老化,尤其是女性脸部皮肤。

4. 虾青素能活化人体细胞,减少自由基的产生,能起到延缓衰老的功效。

5. 虾青素能够清楚体内垃圾,尤其是细胞和组织液的毒素垃圾,减少慢性病的发生。

6. 虾青素能够快速清除关节处的炎性物质,对于风湿性关节炎和类风湿性关节炎有特效,尤其对于手掌指节变形有特效。